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Chilly Cheeks



SUNDAY, JANUARY 24, 2016 ** 11 A.M.

Did you ever wonder if SuperGirl fights crime just a little differently during “that time of the month”? If she breaks down a wall to get to a burglar, does she leave by breaking down another wall; just to let off a little steam? If she is melting some robber’s gun with her lazor-vision, does she let a little of that heat-ray stray over to his knuckles, especially if he resembles an ex-boyfriend? Does she put a little extra "umph" in her takeoff when she flies because she is not sure she can get airborne because she feels a little bloated? Does she lose her ability to make rational decisions, not remembering that “murders” get the chair but "jaywalkers" only get a slap on the wrist; and not one that make them need a cast on it for the next 18 months. Perhaps, yes just maybe, SuperGirl never even gets “that time of the month”; wouldn’t THAT really make her a Super Girl??!! Many people have the same questions about the Chilly Cheeks Trail Run since it's run at “that time of the month” for racing; late January. Will you be able to see the rocks, roots and downed trees that make up the trail or will it be under 8-14 inches of snow? Will it be the 60+ temps like we had one year or the -10 wind chill that often occurs then? Will there be GREAT aide stations that serve alternate beverages or will they run out before you get there? Will you be able to get up Mt. WhaDaFug II or will you feel too bloated to reach the top? Will you leave the awesome post-race party with its live music, free breakfast and cash bar before you run out of enough money for the tolls home? The Chilly Cheeks is a TUFF test of your winter fitness, even at just 11k, since it is the HARDEST trail run that Pretzel City holds on a “per mile” basis ( or "per k" basis for you metric-sexuals). Still, it can’t be THAT hard since many runners that migrate to AYCE specials like a moth to a flame or have lifetime credit cards to Lane Bryant will finish it long before dark. A finish in the Chilly Cheeks is something you can be PROUD of, unlike that tattoo of Jerry Garcia covering your entire back. LEGAL SCHMEGAL: You race at your own risk; you alone are responsible for your welfare at all times!! This race has been held in ice and snow. That makes it difficult to find you if you fall and 30 people with snowy Nikes run over you after you do. So, if hurt, drag your frozen posterior to a road crossing or aide station so we can find you by motorized vehicle. If you get lost (you WON’T), please find the Liederkranz before the Spaeten and Jaegermeister runs out. Since the race is a bit of a "mother", we only let those enter that legally no longer need "mothering"; should be 18 or over (16 & 17 yr. olds can too but ONLY if they have a parent at the race; don’t have to run, just have to BE there). We also turn away people who think that there is ANYTHING "natural" about Pepsi adding real sugar back into their products or anyone who doesn’t like most Kevin Kline movies they've seen! (French Kiss, In/Out, Fish Named Wanda, Dave-a personal favorite)

REGISTRATION/ENTRY: Reading Liederkranz German Singing & Sports Club, 140 Spook Lane (off of Hill Rd), Reading, PA (same place as most Pretzel City events). Reg. opens at 9:45 a.m., race at 11. Fee is $34 w/ long sleeve cotton shirt if postmarked by Sat, Jan 9th. Afterwards, $39 while shirts last (inc. day of race), $30 when gone. If you fail to pre-enter, you’ll regret that you have no other reminder of this race other than frostbite, the sniffles, sore quads from the uphills, shin splints from the downhills and a chipped tooth from the frozen water at the aide station. Even if you register in the post-reg period but before raceday, you’re almost surely guaranteed a shirt of your preferred size and type. We race in rain, snow or bitter cold; in fact, damn near anything! Call 610-779-2668 after 6 AM the day of the race ONLY if roads are pretty much impassable that day (not just a little “sub-par”). An email will be sent to all those on our email list too the minute we decide to postpone but if we only have your work email, you're screwed. It’ll be posted on the home page of too. If postponed, it will be held TWO SUNDAYS LATER (Feb 7) ; same time, same place, better weather. No refunds, no mailed shirts or awards; no pets allowed on site, no outside alcohol allowed on site, no whiners, no wheelchairs (at least on the course) & no people that think that snow on the ground is any reason to cancel a race. ‘Cause we won’t! Also, bring extra shoes for going inside! ATM on site; often works as well.

Online registration not required
but always encouraged!

(small service fee applies, closes at midnight on Wed the week of the race)

YOU GET: Long sleeve cotton shirt with a memorable design, hot breakfast, indoor registration & toilets, free snacks at the finish line, suds/chilled Jaegermeister/strange Germanic meats available for purchase thru the club, WELL marked course, 2 water stops, live band, finish place posted immediately & results on the 1st business day after the race. unique aide station fare & other surprises not yet finalized. Breakfast tickets can be bought at reg for your peeps!

M & F 1st & 2nd and Top M & F Masters (40 & over) plus:
18-29: 5M, 5F 30-39: 5M, 5F 40-49: 5M, 5F 50-59: 5M, 5F 60-67: 5M, 3F 68+ : 3M, 2F

DIRECTIONS FROM: PHILLY: IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE MAPQUEST DIRECTIONS FROM PHILLY! Instead, take Rt. 422 West from King of Prussia. Just before Reading, at the new TARGET/LOWES/GIANT on your right, bear right onto Bus. Rt. 422, marked “Mt. Penn”; DON’T follow sign to Reading **Go 3 miles until road splits at the CVS. Bear right, JUST BEFORE YOU GET TO THE ORNATE BRIDGE, take right onto Glen Rd (sign missing, look for "Stokesay Castle" sign visible at last moment). At end of Glen, turn right and then take your next right just 50 yards ahead. Or follow the signs to Stokesay, the Liederkrantz driveway is right next to it.

YORK/LANCASTER: Rt. 222 N to Reading. Follow it to Rt. 422 East bypass around Reading . Exit at Mt Penn. Take a left, go 3 lights to Bus. Rt. 422. Take a left, follow the Philly directions above after the astrik **.

ALLENTOWN: Take Rt. 222 S, merge onto Rt. 422 East (Reading/Pottstown). Go around Reading and exit at Mt Penn. Go left, go 3 lights to Bus. 422W. Take left, follow Philly directions after asterisks **.

LEBANON: Take Rt. 422 East. Just past Berkshire mall, bear right onto Rt. 422E. Continue on bypass past Reading to Mt Penn exit. Take left, go 3 lights to Bus.422W. Go left, follow Philly directions above after asterisks **.

COAL REGION: Take Rt 61 South onto Rt 222 Bypass, follow same directions above listed in “Allentown”

BALTIMORE: Rt 83 North to Rt 30 East at York to Rt 222N at Lancaster. Follow Lancaster directions above.

GPS/TomTom INPUT: 143 Spook Lane, Reading, PA 19606 or “Spook Lane & Hill Rd” or “Hill Rd & Glen Rd”.

(small service fee applies---closes at midnight on the Wed night before raceday)


Check Payable to & mailed (with waiver) to: Pretzel City Sports, 112 W. 36th St., Reading, PA 19606.Head Cheek: Ron Horn,, or 610-779-2668 (but not during Survivor, Biggest Loser,Amazing Race, Tosh.0 or any Eagles game (inc. post-game commentary)). Normal Office Hours: M-F 8 am till 1 pm

Print clearer than the skies will be that day ***Cheeks app may be duplicated***Sign waiver below

First name _______________________Last name ____________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________

City __________________________ State _____ Zip_______ Sex: M  F 

Race day age:          Date of birth       /       /               (must be 18 or more)

Long Sleeve Cotton Shirt Size:   XS  S  M  L  XL  2X   (circle one)

Phone: ( __ ) ________________ A.M. or P.M. (circle one or both)

Email:_______________@_________________________ Already Get Run UpdateEmails? ____ Yes ____ No
if used on regular basis--include a readable address

WAIVER: I know that running a trail race is a potentially hazardous activity. I should not enter and run unless I am medically able and properly trained. I also know that there will be traffic, hazards, debris and poor footing on the course and assume the risk for running on it. I also assume any or all other risks associated with running or attending the race including but not limited to falls, contact with other participants, the affects of the weather, getting lost, wildlife & insect attacks and all such risks being known and appreciated by me. Knowing these facts, and in consideration of your accepting my entry fee, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators or anyone else who might claim on my behalf, covenant not to sue, and waive, release and discharge Pretzel City Sports, all municipalities in which the event is held, the race director, course officials, all other organizations directly or indirectly associated with the race, any and all sponsors including their agents, employees, assigns or anyone acting for on their behalf, or anyone else associated in any way with the race, from any or all claims or liability for death, personal injury or property damage of any kind of nature what so ever arising out of, or in the course of, my participation in this event(s). This waiver extends to all claims of every kind or nature what so ever, foreseen or unforeseen, known or unknown. By entering this race, I am granting permission to Pretzel City Sports to use any pictures or likenesses of me secured at the event in any way they see fit without review, restriction or compensation. BY SIGNING THIS, I ATTEST THAT I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS WAIVER :

Signature _____________________________________________________ date ____ / ____ /20____

Insurance Provided by Road Runner Clubs of America (R.R.C.A.)