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Dark & Dirty


10K Nighttime Trail Run


Sat. Evening, May 14, 2016 - 8:30 PM
(approx) - Reading, PA

"We Provide the Organization,
You Provide the Illumination"

By mid-May, our every waking moment will be inundated with pony poo expounded by one of the most unqualified collection of presidential hopefuls this planet has ever endured. The Donald will be calling Ted Cruz a “toady” in speeches, not 100% inaccurate but normally reserved for behind a person’s back. Hillary will be accusing Bernie Sanders of promising the downtrodden “a chicken in every pot” which, had it come from a “Sanders” with the title “Colonel” in front of it, would be a LOT more appealing (and would help him carry Kentucky). Mario Rubio will still trail Super Mario in popularity, Ben Carson will make it onto TV even less than Johnny Carson & Chris Christie’s campaign mistakes will be “eating him alive”, rather than HIM eating everything alive. Jeb nor his campaign may have no pulse whatsoever (just not sure how we’ll know) and Hillary will be speculating on what we should call Bill if she is elected (First Gentleman? First Hubby? First Fornicator?!) By May, we will collectively hope that they all SHUT UP & not share another word with us, so we can achieve the state of being “happy and in the dark”; the same “state” you get in the Dark & Dirty Nighttime Trail Run. In it, you’ll find 300-500 happy trail runners running thru our dark woods, only illuminated by what they can carry with them; headlamps, flashlights, whitened teeth, 3 by 5 foot solar panels, etc. The D & D uses some of the most established trails around, marked with glow sticks and reflective tape so you can find your way. Plus, these trails have less rocks, downed trees, wildlife with guns, IED’s and other drawbacks than the other trails that we use and yet, the course is rustic and you will have to watch your footing (because people DO tend to watch their footing more in the dark, we have less dings, twists and falls at our night races than our day races). We often also hide door prizes along the way and have some of the most unique aide stations of any trail run in this country. Afterwards, we all celebrate at the race’s finish point; the Reading Liederkranz, where you will enjoy hot and cold food, live music, a cover pavilion, a fire pit if you need to warm up, an outside bar where you can purchase German and domestic brew and just a wealth of things that have resulted in Pretzel City Sports’ events being recognized as some of the top trail runs in the US. The D & D- a race for the Type-A’s and still a lot of fun for the Type-XXL’s. LEGAL SCHMEGAL: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR HEALTH & WELFARE AT ALL TIMES. We’ll have EMS there but they are more interested in taxidermy than traditional medicine. So, if you end up bleeding or bruised, get your butt to a place where a volunteer can drive you back. Must be 18+ to enter (15-17 ok ONLY if a parent is present, kids below that MUST have a parent run with them). Others that should not enter are those that pull a hammy by simply sneezing or anybody who has ever gotten hopelessly lost in either an elevator, a Cul de Sac or Rhode Island.

AWARDS: M/ F 1st & 2nd overall (no repeats) plus
0-29: 5M/5F 30-39: 5M/5F 40-49: 5M/5F 50-59: 5M/5F 60-67: 4M/3F 68+: 2M, 2F

REGISTRATION/ENTRY: Reading Liederkranz German Club, 143 Spook Lane, Reading. Reg. opens at 7:30 P.M.; we race at 8:30 PM or as soon after that as it gets pitch dark. Fee is $34 w/shirt if postmarked by Sat, April 30, 2016. Afterwards, $39 while shirts last (inc. day of race), $32 when gone. WARNING: High tech wicking shirts only promised thru 4/30. Afterwards, you may end up with a standard T. Due to their much higher cost, we order VERY few extra tech shirts, other than those ordered for prereg entries. So, enter BEFORE raceday if you want the best chance of getting the size shirt you want or any shirt at all. We race in rain, fog, threat of darkness (DUH!!) and stock market downturns. The No's: no entry limit, no refunds, no mailed shirts or awards; no paying by credit card for “day of “ entry, no smoking at race site, no beer brought onto site, no wheelchairs permitted without offroad tires & no bitching!

WHAT YOU GET: Short sleeve tech shirt with a memorable design but no ads, glow jewelry, two water stops (one with alternate refreshments), indoor johns, covered pavilion, hot & cold grub for racers, wheel measured course, music, a German BeerGarten with a chance to buy fine beers/ales at almost Outlet prices, results on in 1-2 days and the right to say you did something that boring, wimpy people you know (your spouse, for instance) say is "stupid & dangerous” and surely not representative of how brilliant you are.

DIRECTIONS FROM : PHILLY: IMPORTANT: DON'T USE MAPQUEST DIRECTIONS FROM PHILLY! Instead, take Rt. 422 West from King of Prussia. Just before Reading, past Arby’s & Burger King and next to Target, bear RIGHT onto Bus. Rt422, “Mt. Penn”; NOT the left lane to "Reading" ** Go 3 miles; till road splits right at CVS. 300 yds later, JUST BEFORE THE BRIDGE, go right onto Glen Rd (sign missing, turn just before bridge). At end of Glen, turn right & then right again in 50 yds. Liederkranz is 75 yds ahead on right, right next to Stokesay Castle

YORK/LANCASTER: Rt. 222 N to Reading. Follow new bypass to Rt. 422 East. Exit at Mt Penn. Take a left, go 3 lights to Bus. Rt. 422. Take a left, follow the Philly directions above after the asterisk **.

ALLENTOWN: Rt. 222 S onto new Reading bypass, merge onto Rt. 422 East (Reading/Pottstown). Go around Reading and exit at Mt Penn. Go left, go 3 lights to Bus. 422W. Take left, follow Philly directions after asterisks **.

LEBANON: Take Rt. 422 East. Just past Berkshire mall, bear right onto Rt. 422E. Continue on bypass past Reading to Mt Penn exit. Take left, go 3 lights to Bus.422W. Go left, follow Philly directions above after asterisks **.

COAL REGION: Take Rt 61 South onto Rt 222 Bypass, follow same directions above listed in “Allentown”

BALTIMORE: Rt 83 North to Rt 30 East at York to Rt 222N at Lancaster. Follow Lancaster directions above.

GPS/MAPQUEST INPUT: 143 Spook Lane, Reading, PA 19606 or “Spook Lane & Hill Rd” or “Hill Rd & Glen Rd”.

(optional, a nominal processing fee applies, closes on Wed of race week at midnight)

Insurance Provided by Road Runner Clubs of America (R.R.C.A.)

Check Payable to & Mailed to (with waiver): Pretzel City Sports, 112 W. 36TH ST., READING, PA 19606
Head Case: Ron Horn,, 610-779-2668 day or night,


Last Name_________________________________ First Name___________________________________

Street Address__________________________________________________________________________

City ______________________________ State______ Zip_________  Sex:    M     F    Race Day Age _______

Date of Birth___/___/___

Tech Shirt Size:   XS   S   M    L   XL   2X (cotton shirts may replace tech shirts for late entries)

Email _____________________________________ Already get Run Update eNewsletters? ___ Yes ___ No

Phone: (______)___________________________________________ AM? ____ PM? ______ BOTH? _____

WAIVER: I know that running a trail race, in light or in darkness, is a potentially hazardous activity. I should not enter and run unless I am medically able and properly trained. I also know that there will be traffic, hazards, debris and poor footing on the course and assume the risk for running on it. I also assume any or all other risks associated with running or attending the race including but not limited to falls, contact with other participants, the affects of the weather, getting lost, wildlife and insect attacks and all such risks being known and appreciated by me. Knowing these facts, and in consideration of your accepting my entry fee, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators or anyone else who might claim on my behalf, covenant not to sue, and waive, release and discharge Pretzel City Sports, all municipalities in which the event is held, the race director, course officials, all other organizations directly or indirectly associated with the race, any and all sponsors including their agents, employees, assigns or anyone acting for on their behalf, or anyone else associated in any way with the race, from any or all claims or liability for death, personal injury or property damage of any kind of nature what so ever arising out of, or in the course of, my participation in this event(s). This waiver extends to all claims of every kind or nature what so ever, foreseen or unforeseen, known or unknown. By entering this race, I am granting permission to Pretzel City Sports to use any pictures or likenesses of me secured at the event in any way they see fit without review, restriction or compensation. BY SIGNING THIS, I ATTEST THAT I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS WAIVER:

Signature ________________________________________________ Date ________________, 20___