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Double Trouble



15K & 30K TRAIL RUN(S)

Sunday, Sept 14, 2014 ** 9:00 AM ** Morgantown, PA
Near swimming Pool @ Hopewell Lake, French Creek State Park

(actually, people have been "fall-ing" in it for years)

A wise man once said, “the only constant in life is change.” No doubt, this hit him at 3 AM while attending to a howling 6 mos. old with a diaper full of poop. Regardless of when this epiphany occurred. he was RIGHT! ‘Cause no matter what it is; your escalating belt size or your diminishing staying power during whoopee or the beheading of your favorite character on “Game of Thrones”, almost ALL things change, except maybe your total disgust for Brussels Sprouts. Jagger & Richards now have 20 wrinkles for every 1 hit, beloved family pets end up in a hole in the back yard and the Rocky franchise will end at “Rocky XIX; Stallone’s Fight to Retain Bowel Control for 3 Full Rounds”. Even the legendary Double Trouble, as perfect a race as you can find, was destined to change EVENTUALLY! And that time is now! The DT gives you the option of doing one 15k loop or two; with you making that choice in midrace. And many a runner has demonstrated great bravado beforehand, lining up at the spot reserved for those planning to do the 30k. And yet, EVERY YEAR, a lower percentage of these macho-ites stick to their 30k goal than fat folks do to the Cabbage Soup Diet. What causes these fit daredevils to wilt like a week-old Prom corsage? Well, it MAY be things like 98 degree heat and/or 98% humidity or black flies the size of Rhode Island or any other number of things common to the month of July; its traditional date. So, this year, we decided to “change things up a bit”. We’ve switched the dates of the DT with the Chobot Challenge (a race with 4 creek crossings) to see if we can get more than “two score and seven runners” to finish the 30k, while making it much more comfortable too for the “smarties” that choose to do only half that distance. Now, while we’ll admit that this is a BIG change, ALL OTHER aspects of this wonderful race remain THE SAME! The 15k loop still has rocks, downed trees, great scenery, lakeside trails and hill & dale throughout (85% of the course is in the shade). Everyone starts together; get to the end of the 1st loop and find that you’re more tired than Billy Crystal’s material? Finish in the 15k! Have more energy, due to the cooler temps, than an evangelist on meth? Do another loop! You’ll declare a distance beforehand but you are no more committed to that decision than Congress is to “bipartisan cooperation” Afterwards, chill beneath a tree, eat hot /cold food and hydrate MUCH less than you had to in the past, hose off under our official handmade “shower” and watch others suffer as they finish or forge on. We also have modern potties, lots of parking, a playground ¼ mile away, boat rentals 100 yrds away, picnic tables all around the finish and LOTS of things that just make it a wonderful run for you and a great place for your peeps to hang till you finish or die; whichever occurs first. This race draws 300-450 people each year for a great workout, a beautiful setting and a chance to sweat TO and WITH the oldies. LEGAL B.S.: YOU RACE AT YOUR OWN RISK & ARE SOLEY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR WELFARE WHILE RACING! This course will have more marks on it than a Hell Angel’s forearm so you won’t get lost. And thank goodness, since we ain’t looking for you until we can find you from the buzzards circling overhead. We will have an EMS but to them, EMS stands for Each Man for himSelf! So, get your tookus to a place where we have volunteers. Now, this race is a shade tuff so entry is forbidden for 1) runners under 18 (16 & 17 year olds OK for the 15k ONLY & a parent MUST be present too; not run, just present) 2) people who see the words “laceration” and “litigation” as very closely related and 3) anyone who “twerks”, “tweets” or “twiddles their thwumbs” when they’re nervous/bored/dating.

Entry: Race starts at 9 A.M.; reg. opens at 7:45. $34 if postmarked by Wed, Aug 27th, inc. a short sleeved tech shirt, $39 after cutoff & day of race while shirts last; $30 when they’re gone. FEW “EXTRA” SHIRTS PRINTED over our pre-reg needs so if you want some type to proof that you are did this event, other than your bleeding nipples, pre-enter even if Wed, Aug 27th has passed!! Post race entries that enter before raceday get first dibs at the remaining shirts. Rain or shine, no refunds or mailed shirts/awards. IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST finish the first lap by the 2 hr mark to be allowed to do another lap. ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: Unlike in past years, you may ONLY finish in one of the two events, NOT BOTH.

Extras: Finishing award to all finishers (some mailed if # of finishers higher than projected), modern johns that will smell OK for the first 5 minutes, hot & cold post race grub, instant results, results on the next day, WELL marked course if no one screws with it, tons of parking, 3 water stops per loop (some with munchies; may still wish to carry water if super-hot), EMS on site, a course that is accessible at several spots in mid race by car, bike or camel. Call park at (610) 582-9680 to camp. Fishing, mountain biking, canoeing, grills/tables, playground, frisbee golf, snack bar near start (if open this late in the season).

Awards: M & F 1st & 2nd in each race plus:
15K: 18-29: 4M, 4F 30-39: 4M, 4F 40-49: 4M, 4F 50-59: 4M, 3F 60-64: 3M 65+: 3M 60+: 3F
30K: 18-29: 3M, 3F 30-39: 3M, 3F 40-49: 3M, 3F 50-59: 3M, 2F 60-64: 3M 65+: 2M 60+: 1F

Directions: From Reading: Take Rt. 422 East of Reading about 6 miles. Take Rt. 82 South to 2nd light in Birdsboro; left on Rt. 724 East. About 1 mile; go right onto Rt. 345 South. Park is 5 miles ahead on right. Enter park; go to south side of Hopewell Lake (next to pool by lake, follow signs).

From Phila: Take Rt. 422 West to Rt 100 South in Pottstown, Take Rt 100S to first exit, Rt 724 West. Go about 6 miles toward Birdsboro until you reach Rt. 345 South. Take left on Rt 345 (can’t go right). Park is 5 miles ahead on right. Enter park; go to south side of Hopewell Lake (next to pool by lake, follow signs).

Alt. Way from West: Take PA Turnpike Morgantown exit, go east on Rt 23 until 345 North, take 345N to 1st Park road. Enter & go to T, go right, then go right again to back of lake next to pool.

Alt. Way from East: PA turnpike to Downingtown exit, go Rt 100 North to Rt 23 West, take 23 W until 345 North, take 345 N until 1st Park road. Enter, go to T, go right, then right again to back of lake next to pool.

ANOTHER alt way from West: Take Downingtown exit, Rt 100 N to Rt 401 W (or N) toward Elverson. Rt 401W eventually crosses Rt 345N , which is the road that French Creek Park is on. Turn right, cross Rt 23, go about 4 miles North to Park. Enter, go to T, go right, then right again to back of lake next to pool.

WHY, in the age of GPS and Tom Tom’s, do we
STILL have to give you directions??

Optional on-line reg via credit card available on
(closes midnight, the Wed before the race, nominal service charge applies)



Check Payable to & Mailed to (with waiver): Pretzel City Sports, 112 W. 36TH ST., READING, PA 19606
Race TroubleMaker: Ron Horn, , 610-779-2668,


Print Clearer than Your Skin When You Hit Puberty! -- Sign back of entry -- App may be copied

Last Name______________________________ First Name______________________________________

Street Address_______________________________________________________________________________

City _________________________________ State______ Zip_________ Sex:  M  F   Race Day Age _____

Date of Birth____/___/_____ Shirt Size: XS  S  M   L  XL  2X   Already on Pretzel City Email List? ___ Yes ___ No

Email _________________________________________

Phone:(______)______________________________________ AM, PM or Both _____________???

WAIVER: I know that running a trail run is a potentially hazardous activity. I should not enter or run unless I am medically able & properly trained. I also know that there will be traffic, winter hazards, debris, and poor footing on the course and assume the risk for running on it. I also assume any or all other risks associated with running or attending the race including but not limited to falls, contact with other participants, the affects of the weather, the conditions of the roads and getting lost, all such risks being known and appreciated by me. Knowing these facts, and in consideration of your accepting my entry fee, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators or anyone else who might claim on my behalf, covenant not to sue, and waive, release and discharge Pretzel City Sports, French Creek State Park, PA Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources, all municipalities in which the event is held, the race committee, volunteers, all other organizations directly or indirectly associated with the race, any or all sponsors including their agents, employees, assigns or anyone acting on their behalf, or anyone else associated in any way with this race, from any or all claims or liability for death, personal injury or property damage of any kind or nature whatsoever arising out of , or in the course of, my participation in this event. This waiver extends to all claims of every kind or nature whatsoever; foreseen or unforeseen, known or unknown. Also, By entering this race, I am granting permission to Pretzel City Sports to use any pictures or likenesses of me secured at the event in any way they see fit without review, restriction or compensation. I HAVE READ & UNDERSTAND THIS WAIVER:

SIGNATURE ________________________________________________ DATE _______________/2014