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Ugly Mudder



SUN, FEB 23, 2014   11 A.M.   NO ENTRY LIMIT


Reality TV has introduced our nation to a whole assortment of really unattractive people. Major league barkers, to be quite blunt! The family portrait of Honey Boo Boo’s relatives has been successfully used in interrogations in Guantanamo; kinda a “visual waterboarding”, and the smiling kisser of Mama June has made some men even confess the Lindbergh Baby kidnapping, despite that they were not even born yet at that time. The people in Pawn Stars look like the people that were rejected in an open casting call for the Sopranos. Uncle Sy from Duck Dynasty, sweet as he is, looks like the kind of person that if he approached your car at the supermarket, you’d lock your doors and call 911. In fact, people that look like him in supermarket parking lots normally are pushing their entire life’s possession in one of their shopping carts. And in Gator Boys, it’s hard to tell which is the “Gator” and which is the “Boy”. The hair style of Ronnie in Lizard Lick Towing went out of style in the last century, the office girl in American Pickers has tats that look like she took a shotgun blast to the upper torso and the entire crew of Dangerous Catch look that they are on work release. Which they just might be! Now, we all know that the amount of “reality” in these shows is about equal to the amount of virginity that was on Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” tour years ago. And perhaps these folks, once the cameras go off, look like the models in Vogue or GQ. But there ARE things out there that are VERY REAL and VERY UGLY! And the course of the Ugly Mudder is one of those things, for sure. It uses many trails that aren’t used in any of PCS’s other races on Mt Penn, because they are just too “ugly” which, considering how ugly PCS’s other courses are, is almost akin to saying that you are too old to be in AARP . It’s not especially hilly nor technical like some PCS courses. But it ain’t easy or flat either. And it has our normal assortment of dirt & debris, rocks & roots, deer skeletons and discarded 40 ounce-ers. But it ALSO has our normal attributes like a great post race party, funny signs, unusual aide stations, abusive volunteers, great course markings, a hot breakfast afterwards and just so many things that made this, in 2012, the 3rd largest rustic trail run in the entire United States. We’ve held it in 12 inches of snow, ice, sub-zero temps, etc and in every case, people were smiling when they finished the race, Or grimacing; we’re still not sure. Come join the 500-800 people each year that pride themselves in having more cojones than common sense and run the trails ‘too ugly to be in any other races, and THAT’S keeping it "REAL!" LEGAL B.S: You RUN AT YOUR OWN RISK & you alone are responsible for your welfare at all times while racing!! It’s YOUR responsibility to get your maimed backside off the trail if anything happens, or at least to an aide station so we can dig a temporary grave once the ground thaws. And if you get lost, which you won’t, it is your responsibility to run toward the distant sounds of dirty German songs being sung back at the race-start. Because this is a mid-level challenge, you must be 1) 18 or older (16 & 17 yr olds OK with a parent present-no exceptions) or 2) not prone to eating yellow snow, thinking someone spilled their Mountain Dew there or 3) not a person who think that a “thigh master” is the head of a tribe of people with big legs.

REGISTRATION/ENTRY: Reading Liederkranz German Singing & Sports Club, 140 Spook Lane (off of Hill Rd), Reading, PA (same place as most PCS events). Reg. opens at 9:45 a.m., race at 11 (approx.). Fee is $34 w/ long sleeve regular shirt if postmarked by Tues, Feb 11. Afterwards, $39 while shirts last (inc. day of race), $30 when gone. FEW extra shirts are printed than those ordered by prereg entries! If you fail to pre-enter, the only "picture" you may have of an "Ugly Mudder" may be the one of your Mother in Law. Even if you register in the post-reg period but before raceday, you’re almost surely guaranteed a shirt of your preferred size (on-line reg on the site will close at Midnight of the Wed before the race). We race in & on rain, ice, snow, bitter cold and frozen snot, so the chance of postponement is SUPER-slight! If we DO have suspect conditions, check's home page or call 610-779-2668 after 6 AM raceday ONLY if roads are pretty much impassable that day (not just a little “sub-par”). An email will be sent to all entries too, the minute we make a decision but if we only have your work email, you're screwed. If postponed, it will be held on the following Sunday; same time, same place, better weather. No refunds, no mailed shirts or awards; no whiners, no crybabies & no one that thinks that snow half way to your butt crack (as in 2010) constitutes un-runable conditions. 'Cause we proved that it doesn't!!

Online registration not required
but always encouraged!

(small service fee applies, closes at midnight on Wed the week of the race)

YOU GET: Long sleeve T-shirt with a memorable design, hot breakfast, indoor reg. & toilets, post race munchies, suds/chilled Jaegermeister/strange Germanic meats available for purchase, WELL marked course, 2 water stops, live music, finish place posted immediately & results on in 1-2 days, unique aide stations & other surprises not yet finalized. Breakfast tickets can be bought at reg for your peeps!

M & F 1st and 2nd Overall + Top M & F Masters (40 & over) +:
16-29: 5M, 5F 30-39: 5M, 5F 40-49: 5M, 5F 50-59: 5M, 4F 60-69: 4M, 2F 70+: 2M,1F

DIRECTIONS FROM : PHILLY: IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE MAPQUEST DIRECTIONS FROM PHILLY! Instead, take Rt. 422 West from King of Prussia. Just before Reading, at the new TARGET/LOWES/GIANT on your right, bear right onto Bus. Rt. 422, marked “Mt. Penn”; DON’T follow sign to Reading ** Go 3 miles until road splits at Wachovia Bank. 300 yds later, JUST PAST Arners Restaurant, take right onto Glen Rd (COMES ON YOU QUICK, sign missing, ROAD RIGHT BEFORE BRIDGE). At end of Glen, turn right and then take your next right just 50 yards ahead. Or follow the signs to Stokesay, the Liederkrantz driveway is right next to it.

YORK/LANCASTER: Rt. 222 N to Reading. Follow it to Rt. 422 East bypass around Reading . Exit at Mt Penn. Take a left, go 3 lights to Bus. Rt. 422. Take a left, follow the Philly directions above after the astrik **.

ALLENTOWN: Take Rt. 222 S, merge onto Rt. 422 East (Reading/Pottstown). Go around Reading and exit at Mt Penn. Go left, go 3 lights to Bus. 422W. Take left, follow Philly directions after asterisks **.

LEBANON: Take Rt. 422 East. Just past Berkshire mall, bear right onto Rt. 422E. Continue on bypass past Reading to Mt Penn exit. Take left, go 3 lights to Bus.422W. Go left, follow Philly directions above after asterisks **.

COAL REGION: Take Rt 61 South onto Rt 222 Bypass, follow same directions above listed in “Allentown”

BALTIMORE: Rt 83 North to Rt 30 East at York to Rt 222N at Lancaster. Follow Lancaster directions above.

GPS/Tom Tom INPUT: 143 Spook Lane, Reading, PA 19606 or “Spook Lane & Hill Rd” or “Hill Rd & Glen Rd”.

Bring extra shoes for inside & the drive home!

Check Payable to & mailed (with waiver) to: Pretzel City Sports, 112 W. 36th St., Reading, PA 19606. Ugliest Mudder: Ron Horn,, 610-779-2668 (not during any Phila Eagle game)


Print clearly before your hand falls off from frostbite***May be duplicated***Sign waiver on back

First name ________________________Last name ___________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________________

City ______________________________ State _____ Zip_______ Sex:  M   F    

Race day age:               Date of birth        /        /                (must be 18 or more)

Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt Size:   XS   S    M   L   XL   2X

Phone: ( ____ ) ______________ A.M. or P.M.? (circle one or both)

Email:________________@_______________________ Already Get Run UpdateEmails? ____ Yes ____ No
(if checked regularly)

WAIVER: I know that running a trail race is a potentially hazardous activity. I should not enter and run unless I am medically able and properly trained. I also know that there will be traffic, hazards, debris and poor footing on the course and assume the risk for running on it. I also assume any or all other risks associated with running or attending the race including but not limited to falls, contact with other participants, the affects of the weather, getting lost, wildlife & insect attacks and all such risks being known and appreciated by me. Knowing these facts, and in consideration of your accepting my entry fee, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators or anyone else who might claim on my behalf, covenant not to sue, and waive, release and discharge Pretzel City Sports, all municipalities in which the event is held, the race director, course officials, all other organizations directly or indirectly associated with the race, any and all sponsors including their agents, employees, assigns or anyone acting for on their behalf, or anyone else associated in any way with the race, from any or all claims or liability for death, personal injury or property damage of any kind of nature what so ever arising out of, or in the course of, my participation in this event(s). This waiver extends to all claims of every kind or nature what so ever, foreseen or unforeseen, known or unknown. By entering this race, I am granting permission to Pretzel City Sports to use any pictures or likenesses of me secured at the event in any way they see fit without review, restriction or compensation. BY SIGNING THIS, I ATTEST THAT I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS WAIVER :

Signature____________________________________________________ date ___/____ /20___
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