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RACE DIRECTORS! Reserve your crew for your 2024 event NOW!

Pretzel City Sports is now taking timing reservations for 2024 events. Don’t’ wait, book us now! In the fall of 2023, we had dates that were 100% booked and for which we had to turn work away, despite us having more crews than almost any timer in the East. Be SURE to get your reservation… Continue Reading

Other Race Related Services:

Pretzel City Sports can provide some services that are “over and above” our basic timing & promotion package, at an additional cost. Some are billed on a “fixed cost” basis and others are billed on a “time and/or material basis” basis at $60/hr. Such assistance may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Handling all prerace entries. All entry forms would be mailed directly to us by people entering the event (you’d need to list our address as the “mail to” address on the race app) where we will merge them with any online entries done through Pretzel City. They’ll then be supplied to you via email in an excel spread sheet approx 2 days before the event. Checks from “mail in” entries would be delivered to you on the day of the race, checks for all online entries received are mailed to you every 15-20 days. The excel list we send you would be used to prepare your race bibs. If you wish to receive your “mailed in” entry fees earlier, there are ways to accomplish that as well.

          Price: $150 for the first 300 pre-race entries processed and 20 cents per entry after that.   


  • Assist in determining your course and/or measure it “to the foot” for accuracy. When measuring, we walk the course the way that a runner would run it, using a weighted surveyor’s wheel to minimize bouncing. While doing so, we determine mile marker locations for the course(s) (note: we can also tell you how to do the same thing yourself, saving you any additional fees). When helping you develop a course, we’ll come out, see where you are thinking about running and make recommendations on where to run, where to start/finish, etc. 

          Price: time & materials, including roundtrip travel time.


  • Attend meetings relating to the event. We’ll attend meetings upon request, based on availability, to review and determine all “macro” aspects of the race and micro aspects if you prefer.  No “free” meetings off site are included in our basic timing and promotion package, but 1 or 2 “conference call” meetings are acceptable, if available, at no charge. 

          Price: $60/hr including time in transit.


  • Supply other equipment needed for the race. We can bring along such things as time clocks to be used as your mile markers, large water containers, tables, cones, etc.

       Price: $100 per additional clock, other prices are negotiable based on availability, quantity needed, date needed, etc. 

Some services, such as supplying additional equipment, are only available to races that Pretzel City Sports times; we do not rent anything to races we do not attend. Others, such as setting up online registration and handling all preregistration, are often available to all races, even those we do not time.