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RACE DIRECTORS! Reserve your crew for your 2024 event NOW!

Pretzel City Sports is now taking timing reservations for 2024 events. Don’t’ wait, book us now! In the fall of 2023, we had dates that were 100% booked and for which we had to turn work away, despite us having more crews than almost any timer in the East. Be SURE to get your reservation… Continue Reading

Race Services


Pretzel City Sports is unique in race timing due to the skill sets of our staff. PCS's founder has raced for 35+ years, has directed races for 30+ years and headed Corporate Marketing Departments for most of his adult life. Races he created have been featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Runners' World Magazine. Men’s Health Magazine, Trail Runner Magazine & National Public Radio, to mention a few.  

His comprehensive background makes us your top regional choice to help you create a race, market it, time it and conduct it professionally.  We don't just "show up" that day and that's the first AND last you see of us; we’re with you from conception through race day! Plus, we have multiple timing options. Our affordable manual timing is our most cost-effective way to time 5k's of approx. 500 finisher or less and our complex chip timing is great for larger or multiple "wave" or "stages" events. With us timing almost 500 events a year, it is clear that we have the "know how" needed to affordably time just about any size race, from small local events with a handful of entries to major races drawing thousands of people from multiple states.

Almost all of our customers use our standard "timing & promotion" package. To see what is in that package, click here.

Some other races need one or two additional “race related” services that are not part of our standard timing package. They may need someone to receive and log their preregistrations, review or measure their course, attend race related meetings or just need additional race day equipment over and above what we supply. In many cases, we can be the answer to those needs .

To see what other “race related” services that we provide beyond our standard Timing & Promotion package, click here. 

We also provide promotional services and tools to races that we do not time;  i.e. they already use another timer, their event isn't timed or they own their own timing equipment, etc. The promotional approaches that we either provide, support or suggest (unlike reactive and unfocused methods such as Facebook, Twitter, newspaper ads, etc) are EXTREMELY focused on people that “race”, and they are some of the most cost-effective ways that one can use to reach potential “race entries” in our region.   Plus, they are PROACTIVE, not REACTIVE! They "go" to the runner; rather than hope that the runner somehow stumbles upon them by chance.

To see what stand-alone promotional services/tools are available for purchase through Pretzel City Sports, click here

Lastly, in rare cases, a race organizer may need somewhat "turnkey" race design & management services because their staff is not based near the race location, they know little about holding a race or they are already too busy to take on another major fundraiser. In certain geographical regions, Pretzel City can help here too, by filling more of a “race director” role. Since such services cost an event considerably more than if we serve in our normal “consultant” role, it is probably not an option for 100-200 person events that want to maximize their profitability. But for organizations that can ONLY hold an event with significant help from professionals like us, we can help.     

To read more about how we can assist you in this way, click here

No matter what your needs are when it comes to any type of running or running-related event, Pretzel City Sports is here to serve you!