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2017 Race Results

Races are listed in reverse chronological order; the most recent races are at the top and then scroll down for races earlier this year. All Pretzel City Sports Event Results are in Red

PLEASE NOTE: The posting of weekend results on our site does not start until Monday morning, since our entire staff times events on the weekends. The first results appear about 9 AM and all other results are normally posted before 4 PM Monday. The only exception to this rule are races that PCS chip times; that system normally allows us to post results within hours of the event. All Saturday races are posted before any Sunday race unless the Saturday event fails to provide us with a list of their preregistrants. Such entries, where all finishers have to be typed in, are done after all others.

17 Warrington, PA   Mill Creek Magic Miles 5k Run/Walk   04/23/17

17 West Reading, PA   Laney’s Fashionista 5k   04/23/17

17 West Chester, PA   Race to Recovery 5k   04/23/17

17 Gwynedd Valley, PA   Miles 4 Mercy 5k   04/23/17 Short Course-everyone ran the same 2 mile course.

17 Womelsdorf, PA   Melissa Edwards Memorial 5k   04/22/17

17 Kutztown, PA   Kutztown University Military Club 5k   04/22/17

17 Coplay, PA   Trot for Trykes 5k   04/22/17

17 Coplay, PA   Trot for Trykes 10k  04/22/17

17 Harrisburg, PA   SCLS Topper Trot 5k   04/22/17

17 Bensalem, PA   Full Speed Ahead 5k   04/22/17

17 Reading, PA   Brighter than the Sun 5k   04/22/17

17 Royersford, PA   Spring-Ford Educational Foundation 5k   04/21/17

17 Reading, PA  Third Thirsty Thursday April Evening 5k 04/20/17

17 Reading, PA   RISE ‘n Run 5k   04/15/17

17 Brickerville, PA   Chase Your Tail 5k and 1 Mile “Woof Walk”   04/15/17

17 Lititz, PA   Sauder’s Eggs 5 Mile Run    04/15/17

17  Lititz, PA   Sauder’s Eggs 5k Walk    04/15/17

17 Birdsboro, PA   Fork & Ale Tuesday Evening Summer 5k Series Race #1   04/11/17

17 Pottstown, PA   Ram Run 5k   04/09/17

17 Bethlehem, PA   Big Heart Bright Hope 5k Run & Walk   04/08/17

17 Media, PA   Tyler Arboretum 10k Trail Run  04/08/17

17 Norristown, PA   A Baby’s Breath Run for Life 5k  04/08/17

17 Glenside, PA   Keep The Parade Running 5k   04/08/17

17 New Holland, PA   Garden Spot Village Marathon    04/08/17

17 New Holland, PA    Garden Spot Village Half Marathon    04/08/17

17 Lebanon, PA   Night Shift Trail 5k   04/07/17

17 Pottstown, PA   5k First Wed Evening Summer Series April Race   04/05/17

17 Abington, PA    Runny Nose 5k   04/02/17

17 Gilbertsville, PA  SFTC Golf Course Running Series, Race #6, Gilbertsville Golf Club 5k Run    04/02/17

17 Ephrata, PA   Ephrata Rec Center Spring 5k Series April Race   04/02/17

17 Bethlehem, PA   Race Rogue Short Course (7.5 Miles) Trail Run   04/01/17

17 Bethlehem, PA   Race Rogue Long Course (15 Miles) Trail Run   04/01/17

17 Kutztown, PA   Kutztown Fools Run 10 Mile   04/01/17

17 Kutztown, PA  Kutztown Fools Run 5k   04/01/17

17 Lebanon, PA   Salvation Army Feed the Kids 5k   04/01/17

17 Akron, PA Get Your GEARS Moving 5k  04/01/17

17 Reading, PA   Hooligan Hustle 5k  03/26/17

17 Ephrata, PA   Pain in the Butt 5k   03/25/17

17 Pottstown, PA    St Patrick’s Day 5M   03/19/17

17 Pottstown, PA   Rock the Wall 5k    03/18/17

17 Pottstown, PA    Rock the Wall 10k    03/18/17

17 Collegeville, PA   Holy Cross Regional Catholic School 5k   03/18/17

17 Reading, PA   Shiver by the River 5k Race #4   03/12/17

17 Reading, PA   Shiver by the River 10k Race #4   03/12/17

17 Glenside, PA      Run for Green and Gold 5k and Fun Run    03/11/17

17 Reading, PA    Daylight Saving Dash, Fighting Homelessness 5k Run/Walk    03/11/17

17 Harrisburg, PA    St. Margaret Mary School 5k Run/Walk    03/11/17

17 Quakertown, PA    Upper Bucks Foot & Ankle Run for Youth 4 Mile Race    03/04/17

17 Quakertown, PA   Upper Bucks Foot & Ankle Run for Youth 10 Mile Race   03/04/17

17 Reading, PA    Ugly Mudder 7.3 Mile Trail Run   02/26/17

17 Reading, PA   Frozen Knight 5k   02/25/17

17 Quakertown, PA    Friends Freezer 5k    02/25/17

17 Pottstown, PA   SFTC Golf Course Running Series – Race #5 Bellewood Golf Club 5 Mile  02/18/17

17 Green Lane, PA   Triple Dam 10k Trail Run   02/18/17

17 Reading, PA   Shiver by the River 5k Race #3   02/12/17

17 Reading, PA   Shiver by the River 10k Race #3   02/12/17

17 Breinigsville, PA   Cupid’s Chase 5k   02/11/17

17 Pottstown, PA – Super Bowl 5k  02/05/17

17 Manheim, PA   Spooky Nook Sports, Acre Breaker – Frostbite Race 4k  1st Wave   02/25/17

17 Manheim, PA   Spooky Nook Sports, Acre Breaker – Frostbite Race 4k  2nd Wave   02/25/17

17 Manheim, PA   Spooky Nook Sports, Acre Breaker – Frostbite Race 4k  3rd Wave   02/25/17

17 Myerstown, PA    Four Chaplains 4 Mile Run/Walk    02/04/17

17 Robesonia, PA   Chocolate Frosted Buns 5k   01/28/17

17 Reading, PA   Chilly Cheeks 11k Trail Run   01/22/17

17 Royersford, PA    SFTC Golf Course Running Series – Race # 3 Landis Creek Golf Club 5k Run    01/21/17

17 Reading, PA    Reading Fire and Ice Corps Fitness 5k    01/14/17

17 Gilbertsville, PA   Sly Fox Track Club Golf Series Race #4 – 5 Miler @ Bella Vista   01/14/17

17 Lancaster, PA    Sierra Club Polar Bear 5k Trail Run   01/14/17

17 Reading, PA   Shiver by the River 10k Race Jan #2   01/08/17

17 Reading, PA    Shiver by the River 5k Race Jan #2 01/08/17

17 Pottstown, PA    Hang Over Classic 5k    01/01/17