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RACE DIRECTORS! Reserve your crew for your 2024 event NOW!

Pretzel City Sports is now taking timing reservations for 2024 events. Don’t’ wait, book us now! In the fall of 2023, we had dates that were 100% booked and for which we had to turn work away, despite us having more crews than almost any timer in the East. Be SURE to get your reservation… Continue Reading

Promotion Only

Pretzel City Sports (PCS) has a variety of promotional tools and services that are unique in the timing industry. These tools and services are FREE to any race that we time. But we also sell them to others for which we do NOT time; some groups have their own timing equipment, others have used another timer for years or some are not even timed at all. Most of these tools or services can even be purchased by companies, services or non-running events that wish to appeal to runners and the demographic group that they represent. 

These services are a very affordable way to reach a “niche” that cannot be isolated by mass advertising means. And they represent one of the lowest priced ways to reach this niche in our region. As a result, 125-150 events that we do not time purchase promotional services from us each year. 

Those services include: 

Send Out a Mass “Eblast” Email Devoted Exclusively to Your Event: 

Probably PCS’s most effective and popular promotional tool. You submit up to 500 words about your event and we send it out to the approx 35,000+ runners for which we have email addresses. Content sent to us must either be totally texted based or, if containing any graphics/borders/images, sent to us as a single jpeg (no PDF’s). You can even prepare much more elaborate ones within our system if you have used a “constant contact-like” software in the past.  Dollar for dollar, it is the most affordable way you can find to reach this many people in this niche. Races that we manually time get 1 free eBlast and others at a 50% reduction; races that we chip time get 2 free eBlasts and others also at a 50% reduction. 

Price $95 per eBlast if paid online, $100 per eBlast if requiring invoicing or a receipt
                To Pay for this Service Click Here


Post Your Event’s Application on PCS web site:

We’ll post a PDF copy of your race application that you supply on our site under “race applications”. We’ll also add your event to our online calendar. Over half a million people visit PCS’s web site each year to find out what races they want to run. 

Price:  $40 per posting   To Pay for this Service Click Here


Display Your Applications at Events that PCS times:

Send us a supply of your race apps/flyers, and we’ll display them at the almost 500 races we time each year. Your fee covers us displaying them for up to 4 months. We’ll also display flyers for products or services at the same rate. Only 2 or 3 people have to enter your race as a result of this service to pay for itself, in reality, probably many, many more will do so. The display of your app on tables that we set up at races is “weather permitting”.

Price $40 for each 4 months of display    To Pay for this Service Click Here


Set Up Your Race for Online Registration:

More and more people like to pay for their race entry “online” with a credit card, debit card, electronic check, etc. PCS does all the setup work to allow you to take such payments through our site and at no additional cost to you!  Most other similar services make you do all the setup work yourself!  Runners using this service, pay a nominal service fee over their normal registration fee and you get the same amount you’d get had they mailed it in. You’ll be given a secure site from which to download your entries and your own user name and password. And checks for all your registration fees and donations are mailed to you every 15-20 days. Races that we do not time but that use us for this service are also given a 50% rebate on any other promotional service they purchase.  

Price: Free to the race, nominal service fee to the runner using it 
                     Interested in this Service Please Click Here


Purchase a Mailing List of Runners for Your Area:

Using PCS’s 80,000 runner database, we can supply you a mailing list of runners for the zip codes you request. The list would be comprised of runners from that zip code that are 12 years or older and have done a race in that database over the past 2 years. We can even tell you approximately how often each person races, so you can prioritize to whom you wish to mail. We also have separate lists containing only those that run road races, only those that run trail races and those that run longer races such as marathons and ultras.

Price:  $15 flat fee plus 8 cents per name (final price calculated once size of list is known)
                    Interested in this Service Please Click Here


Post Your Event’s Results on PCS web site:

We’ll post a pdf that you supply of your race results.  Results remain on our site for a minimum of 3 years.

Price $ 20 per posting     To Pay for this Service Click Here


To contact Pretzel City Sports to secure one or more of these services, click here. Again, races we time get all of the above for FREE! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Promotional services provided by PCS should AUGMENT your more localized promotion, not replace it. Promoting your event locally in stores, gyms, schools, publications, races, direct mail, etc is always the cornerstone of a well publicized race. PCS’s tools can help your attendance considerably but is never the best way SOLEY to generate an outstanding turnout. The only exception to that is our snail mail list of runner addresses. That CAN be used as your primary promotion with your more localized promotion augmenting it.