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Dirty Joke of the Week

Another golden oldie********A man escapes from prison where he has been for 15 years. He breaks into a house to look for money and guns and finds a young couple in bed. He orders the guy out of bed and ties him to a chair, while tying the girl to the bed he gets on… Continue Reading

RACE DIRECTORS! Reserve your crew for your 2017 event NOW!

Pretzel City Sports is now taking timing reservations for 2017 events. This fall, we had 3 dates that were 100% booked and for which we had to turn work away. We expect that the same thing could happen in the Spring of 2107, despite us having more crews than almost any timer in the East.… Continue Reading

Dates for 2017 Clothing-Optional Races Set

The dates for the 2017 Clothing Optional races that Pretzel City Sports holds annually have been approved by Sunny Rest Resort in Palmerton; the wonderful facility where they are held. The Wiggle, Jiggle and Giggle 5k Road Race will be held on Saturday, June 10th.  Just by chance, that is also the day that Sunny… Continue Reading

Race Management

Pretzel City Sports does not “hold races for organizations”; we “help organizations hold races”.  Because PCS has directed races since 1987 and currently holds 20+ events a year, we can take any organization, no matter how inexperienced with running or races they are, and provide them all the direction they need to hold an outstanding race. This approach is the way for organizations to maximize their profitability, NOT by having someone hold a race on their behalf. 

However, on rare occasions, turnkey race management services are needed by an organization too small or too busy already to plan a mid-to-large sized event. We also assist national organizations that are not based in this area but wish to hold a race in conjunction with a conference, convention, etc. being held in our region. These clients need a local “rep” to do what they logistically would have great difficulty doing; picking a course, getting permits, renting equipment, arranging for on-course traffic and safety support, etc.

In certain areas, Pretzel City Sports can do ALL of these things for you!  Through several strategic partnerships we maintain, you still get the same timing and promotional support as other PCS customers but also have someone do the “grunt work” that comes with every race. For the most part, all you have to do is supply someone in advance to approve important decisions made by PCS and provide us the number of volunteers that we’ll need to hold the race.  You would also be responsible for securing all sponsorship for the race. 

We are especially well positioned to provide such services in the Philadelphia region.  Our strategic partner for the Race Management aspect of a race has some of the most extensive experience you can find in interacting with the departments in Philadelphia that both approve and assist races. At one point, that partner was even an employee of one of those departments, and remains in close contact with these parties.  Almost without fail, we can “navigate” through an approval system that sometimes takes others months to complete.  

Our fees for such services, obviously, are customized for the particular tasks that your organization needs to have done. We do not do “flat fee” or “percent of profit” pricing since there are too many “variables” in the “needs” of each organization. And the price of such services, while one of the lowest in the region, is significant enough that they are probably beyond the reach of “small town” races with 250 entries or less and/or no sponsorship. 

If you need this option and wish to get a proposal, by all means, give us a call at 610-779-2668 or email details to us at rhornpcs@aol.com so we can best see how we can meet your race management needs!