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RACE DIRECTORS! Reserve your crew for your 2023 event NOW!

Pretzel City Sports is now taking timing reservations for 2023 events. This fall, we already have 1 date that are 100% booked and for which we had to turn work away, despite us having more crews than almost any timer in the East. Be SURE to get your reservation for a crew in NOW!!  There… Continue Reading

Get Your App Posted Here or Displayed At Races

Get Your App Posted on Our Site

Our web site is visited by over 1/2 a million runners each year who often come here to find races to run; it is a top regional source for this purpose. For $40, you can have your race app posted and available for download on our site.  The race application needs to be emailed to us in a single pdf attachment. If you use us for your online registration as well, we’ll refund 50% of this fee once 5 registrations are done through that system.  

To pay for a race app “posting”, click here. Once paid, email us the app and tell us that payment has been made.


Have Us Display Your App at Races We Attend

We also display race apps at the nearly 500 races we time; weather permitting. For $40, we will display your app at those races for up to 4 months. Here too, if we are handling your online registration as well, that fee is 50% less as well, with the same refund conditions as listed above. For races that will be displayed leading into the Spring and Fall (our busiest times), we will need 400 copies sent to us. For the other times of year, 300 is sufficient. If you are getting the applications you send to us “copied” rather than printed, getting copies in “grayscale” will save you a LOT of money.   

To pay for this service, click here or send us a check made out to Pretzel City Sports along with your apps. The check should reflect the duration for which you want the race applications displayed. Once paid, let us know that fact by email along with an approximate date when the apps will arrive. Or send us the apps first and then pay for them online. We’ll get them ready and start putting them out once you email us that the fee has been paid. 

If we run out of any race app that we are displaying earlier than 2 weeks before the event, we will let you know by email that we need more. We are NOT set up to print any apps.

On both of the links above where you “click here” to pay, we offer a $5 discount if you choose both services when initially signing up for them! The same discount applies if paying by check for both at the same time.